About Us

AlkaWay began operation in 2000 and are now world leaders in alkaline, hydrogen water for good health. 

AlkaWay Co-Founder Cassie Bond with CEO And Co-Founder Ian Blair Hamilton

AlkaWay was founded in 2000 by Australian couple Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie Bond. AlkaWay world headquarters, located in Byron Bay, Australia, support all international AlkaWay distributors, including AlkaWay EU

Dedicated to promoting the health benefits of alkaline water, AlkaWay Australia became the Australian distributors for EmcoTech water ionizers. AlkaWay established a reputation as the leader in alkaline water and health in Australia and word got out… AlkaWay Australia sold thousands of electric water ionizers until 2011. 

In 2010, AlkaWay began development of the AlkaStream, a natural mineral, non-electric water ionizer and filter, based on and improving upon a Chinese model. After supplying some 7000 units of the AlkaStream they decided to upgrade the basic model and began design development with a USA manufacturer. 

AlkaWay designed, developed and manufactured a hydrogen-generating water ionizer that doesn’t need electricity, the UltraStream. It is EU-certified for drinking water and tested for the life of the filter to remove a wide range of contaminants. The UltraStream is simpler and a far less expensive way of regaining control of your health than electric ionizers.

The UltraStream was tested by Biochemist Tyler LeBaron, who found that in normal use it had the highest production of beneficial molecular hydrogen he had tested in any water ionizer at the time. All of this without the use of or need for electricity, circuit boards and electrolysis chambers.

AlkaWay’s  UltraStream manufacturer is located in California. AlkaWay’s design team work closely with the USA manufacturers to make continual improvements to the UltraStream.

Today AlkaWay supply the UltraStream around the world to customers and a fast-growing distributor network, Including AlkaWay EUOver 12,000 UltraStream units have been sold. 

AlkaWay EU have been selling water ionizers including the AlkaStream, and now the UltraStream, for over 10 years. Their goal is to raise awareness among European people about the risks of drinking poor quality tap water. AlkaWay EU believes that the UltraStream provides a simple solution for everyone to improve their health and well-being. AlkaWay Australia is proud to support AlkaWay EU to promote one of the world’s most advanced water filters, the UltraStream.

AlkaWay remain as they began, seriously committed to spreading the message of alkaline hydrogen-rich water throughout the world.