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How to measure your kitchen tap aerator

If one the four adaptors included in your new filter kit from AlkaWay do not fit your mixer tap or faucet, or if you’ve recently moved to a new house and the old adaptor no longer matches the new tap, please follow these steps so we can assist you in finding an alternative adaptor for your filter:

  1. Remove the aerator from your mixer tap or faucet, which can be found at the end of your tap and can be unscrewed. You’ll notice it either inside your tap (indicating a male thread) or unscrewable from the outside (indicating a female thread).
  2. After removing the aerator, use a ruler to measure the diameter of the thread precisely across the center of the aerator.
  3. Take a clear photo of the aerator with the ruler as in step 2, capturing the diameter measurement in millimeters (making sure you measure through the centre).
  4. Additionally, take another photo of the aerator from the side, enabling us to determine whether it’s a male thread (thread on the outside) or a female thread (thread on the inside).
  5. Furthermore, please provide a photo of your mixer tap or faucet.
  6. You can  send the photos email them to Please indicate your name, phone number.
Kindly note that we do not sell tap aerators. For tap aerators, you can explore options at your local hardware or plumbing store. However, we are more than delighted to provide alternative adaptors specifically designed for our filters, ensuring you can enjoy clean, alkaline water every day!
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Photo of areator
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