Help us Here at AlkaWay to Save our Beloved Birdies!

Help us Here at AlkaWay to Save our Beloved Birdies!

This financial year we’ve been able to donate $6266 to Birdlife Australia, the amazing organisation of volunteers who do nothing but work to preserve our amazing, incredible, and utterly unique birdlife.

I’m hoping you can assist us and our beautiful birds by adding your name to this petition against taking some of our most rare birds OFF the endangered list.

The Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has announced plans to move away from robust national recovery plans for many of Australia’s most threatened species.

The first group of 28 ecological communities and 157 species includes 19 birds, with hundreds more to come.

What a backward step for threatened species’ conservation!
It’s especially disappointing for birds like the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo whose recovery has been guided by an existing recovery plan for over three decades.

When implemented, strong recovery plans are one of the most effective ways to prevent extinction and facilitate recovery of native wildlife populations. They do this by identifying what needs to be done, by who, where and when. Importantly, a strong recovery plan can protect habitat critical to survival and be used to hold governments to account.

The first tranche of threatened species that will no longer have a national recovery plan includes 19 threatened birds such as Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo, Northern Masked Owl, Abbott’s Booby and Christmas Island Emerald Dove. Many more species’ recovery plans will be on the chopping block in coming months with two more announcements pending.

This is the link to the petition. Please.. if you are open to helping, do it soon!