Once again.. Alkaline Water Proves its Worth.

Once again.. Alkaline Water Proves its Worth.

"The consumption of alkaline water was associated with improved acid-base balance and hydration status. In contrast, subjects who consumed table water showed no changes over the same period of time. These results indicate that the habitual consumption of alkaline water may be a valuable nutritional vector influencing both acid-base balance and hydration status in active healthy adults (and) can improve anaerobic performance and post-exercise recovery."*

So.. what is real alkaline water?
Simple. It’s water containing dissolved alkaline minerals. These minerals, once consumed, supplement our natural buffer or storehouse of alkaline minerals in the body, whose basic function is to neutralise excess acids that either enter the body or are generated metabolically.

Note: “Dissolved alkaline minerals”.
Unfortunately, we have been told that electric water ionizers create alkaline water. They do not. All they do is concentrate the minerals already in the tap water. So the only benefit is that you get the same amount of minerals in half the amount of water. Luckily, we’ve created a natural alternative where we use actual natural alkaline minerals magnesium and calcium to increase the alkaline mineral level already in the water. It’s called the UltraStream and it’s already helping around 12,000 families around the world.
Designed in Australia and manufactured in California, it also incorporates the absolute best filtration technology to remove a vast range of contaminants plus viruses, bacteria and cysts.

So please be aware of the difference:

One system adds no minerals: it just removes water from the alkaline minerals already in the water.
The other ‘natural’ system actually adds magnesium and calcium to the already mineralised water. (plus molecular hydrogen!)

The Alkaway UltraStream

But.. even if both systems in their own way increase the levels of alkalis in your drinking water, do they give you enough? Does the alkaline level of your drinking water satisfy the recommended daily input recommendation for these essential minerals? If you drink enough water, yes. But you’d probably have to drink far more water than comfort would allow..

That’s why we created Alkaline Booster: a synergistic combination of the four pillars of alkalizing: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium with additional ingredients to aid the actual absorption of all four. Just one teaspoon a day satisfies all RDA’s for all four minerals.

Alkaway Alkaline Booster

By combining the two: The naturally alkalizing UltraStream and the daily teaspoon of all four alkaline minerals, you can be sure your alkaline buffer is fully prepared for that big night out, that hard workout, or that stressful day at work.

*Report from Biol Sport. 2017 Sep; 34(3): 255–261. Published online 2017 Feb 19. doi: 10.5114/biolsport.2017.66003 PMCID: PMC5676322 PMID: 29158619