Taking the most basic - and effective -approach to inflammation in the body. cover

Taking the most basic – and effective -approach to inflammation in the body.

Not a day goes by without at least one email in my inbox trying to tell me that inflammation is the silent enemy of my health. They all say the same; stop eating”A” and eat more of “B”, and of course, many of them also add that I should purchase their special supplement ‘C”.

Frankly, I could really downsize my inbox load if I told Google to automatically ‘Bin” any email with the word ‘inflammation’.

We’ve been well aware of inflammation’s effects for as long as we’ve been in the business of helping people balance their acids and alkalis in the body.

We’ve also been aware of the ‘closed loop’ where inflammation (from any cause) creates its own acidic byproduct, which in turn creates more inflammation.

Here at AlkaWay we agree that inflammation is a modern-day problem, and every time I see an obese person I wonder how much of their problem is eating excessively and how much is that closed loop of inflammation caused by their acid-loaded diet.

But.. (A BIG ‘but’)..

If, as the video we’ve linked to on this page is correct, it seems that avoiding inflammatory foods or foods with inflammatory elements in it is, quite frankly, impossible. Yes, impossible, and we can’t offer you any Amazonian herb, Tibetan mushroom or Indian Ayurvedic lotion to change that.

The problem, as the video points out, is that the inflammation agents are getting into our food and our water, then taking up residence in our tissue, our fat, our brains until, like an underground army, it has a sufficiency to cause serious harm to us. PFAs is but one example of what Erin Brokovitch first called ‘Forever Chemicals”.

Erin Brokovitch. Water Warrior

Here at AlkaWay we can’t make you eat food that is pure, and it now appears that even organic foods direct from organic farms is a carrier of PFAs.

So I’d like to offer you one ‘channel’ that will at least help your body deal with these slow drip poisons now permeating our world.

I’d like to suggest that ignoring the obvious fact that the water we drink has its own problem contaminants has not one but two important effects.

1. You are ‘stacking up’ these contaminants in your body.

2. Because you are drinking polluted water, your body must also allocate its energy and resources to the daily task of removing these contaminants before that glass of water can even be made available for use in your body.

Bear with me. It took me a long time to understand this so you may not ‘grok’ it immediately.

A hundred thousand years ago we had no pollution.
We drank from springs or brooks. We adapted, developed and tuned our metabolism to accept and maximise this pure, energized water as our body’s major energy and housekeeping medium.

Today the water that bathes our trillions of cells is a mirror of the water we once knelt to drink hasn’t changed.
~ It’s pure of pollutants. It has to be or it can’t service our organs, our muscles and our digestive processes..
~ It contains the same alkaline minerals of those ancient streams.

We became as adapted to our environment as possible and our metabolic ‘template’ has never changed. There’s a hundred thousand year-old metabolic engine driving this late model body!


If we drink polluted water containing 600+ modern day contaminants like PFAs, heavy metals, fluoride, chloramines etc, our body really struggles to clean that water up. It must do so – because we can’t operate this magnificent machine with dirty fuel. And yes, its basic strategy is to dump the nasties in our tissue. And.. then the inflammation begins..

Of course, – and here’s the tragedy – we are too in-TOXIC-ated to notice our slowly diminishing health.

What perturbs me when I read the emails about diet is that they just ignore this aspect of the body, and yet.. we are water! We REALLY are water! (With a bag of flesh’n’bones to hold it.)

We’ve worked really, really hard to recreate that form of water. Pure. With our best possible technology to remove the largest range f contaminants possible as your tap water passes through the UltraStream.

As founder, I am immensely proud of the team here at Alkaway for what we’ve created.

~ We’ve recreated the magnesium and calcium those ancient waters infused as they passed through mineral-rich rock.

~ We’ve exposed the water to infrared radiation to recreate the energy of the sun that had such a vivifying effect.

~ We’ve simulated the energy in the water that would have happened at all of those sacred springs’ which we now know came from infused molecular hydrogen.

~And we’ve incorporated NASA-inspired technology to cleanse your tap water of viruses and bacteria that never even existed for our ancestors.

We like to call our UltraStream water ‘Primal Water’.

It’s water that has been with us from the beginning of our journey on this planet.

A journey to recreate, to maintain and to restore the water our ancestral body still yearns for.

UltraStream Filtration

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