Veins playing up? Can molecular hydrogen help?

Veins playing up? Can molecular hydrogen help?

Photo: Colin Davis

Almost every day now, we receive news of a newly completed scientific study of the effects of molecular hydrogen.

As most of our readers know, we are not legally permitted to recommend anything as having therapeutic value. We can, however, share reports like the one we received today for the purpose of education.

This new study’s purpose was to assess the influence of the hydroxyl radical on the endothelium and to confirm that a gaseous antioxidant, H2, can be a useful modulator of blood vessel function.

The subjects were divided into two groups. One group drank high-H2 water containing 7 ppm H2, the other, just water.

The results are, to me, pretty spectacular. I drink high ppm water like this every day without fail. I’m almost 75. After drinking my high ppm water I climb Cape Byron 6 days a week. I rest my case.

Learn more; Google AlkaWay
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